About Psychotherapy

The word Psychotherapy comes from the Greek words psyche, meaning soul or animating spirit, and therapae to serve or take care of. Therefore, psychotherapy is the work of caring for the soul. When an individual seeks therapy it’s because their soul, their very core, is suffering. These emotional injuries take many forms such as relationship/family difficulties, low self esteem, depression, anxiety, crippling fear, eating disorders and other addictions, physical illness, loss and grief.

Therapy is both a practical and creative process and potentially, a transformative one. It is the result of the therapist and patient forming a unique theraputic relationship and together, creating change and development.

Therapy is not quick or easy. It requires commitment of time and focus. We live in a world of promised quick fixes and instant gratification but deep and long lasting changes don’t happen over night. Patience is required.

Therapy can provide insight that is hard to find from friends or family. The therapist provides a unique, objectivity without personal agenda that supports and encourages self-reflection and facilitates change and new perspective.

Therapy is a safe, confidential, supportive and non-judgmental place. There is no thought, feeling, imagining or reality that cannot be spoken or shared.

I think of my task as a therapist as accompanying the individual on their unique journey to find their true selves, to slay their dragons and work toward living their own authentic life.